Whatever your colouring needs, be it maintenance, a little TLC, a fresh spark of creativity or a full transformation, our team of highly skilled colourists have both the technical knowledge and experience to deliver outstanding results, using the finest combination of techniques to achieve the look you want.


Please note: All clients must have a skin test at least 48 hours before their first colour appointment.


We highly recommend booking in for a complimentary colour consultation with skin test included to ensure you book in for the right service.


Balayage is a freehand hair colouring technique which allows for blended sun-kissed natural-looking hair, adding movement and more dimension, yet with no harsh or obvious re-growth lines.   


Unlike traditional foil highlights that lighten hair with the same level of lightness from root to tips, balayage is a painted highlight technique which, although still applied close to the root, provides a very soft natural colour at the root, blending to progressively lighter at the ends.


This technique is all about a more grown out and ‘undone’ look and is far more low maintenance than regular highlights, so not requiring you to need to rush back to the salon every month.


Balayage is perfect for those who can’t come into the salon regularly to maintain their colour, but still want to have colour in their hair. It grows out gracefully and, because the shades are closer to your natural colour, it will lighten naturally over time.


If you’ve ever been worried about having stripy colour after a visit to the hairdresser’s, balayage is a sure way to avoid that harsh contrast between colours – especially if you’re going blonde.


For perhaps the best balayage in London, look no further – with our team of specialists you’re in the most skilled hands and ensure you likely leave others with serious ‘hair-envy’.


A T-Section, half head or full head of foil highlights will lift existing hair colour and brighten the face. They can be tailored to your desire, being dramatically placed for a stronger look, or more delicately placed for a subtler look.


Full head highlights


This covers the whole head.

You will need 2.5 hours for this appointment, with additionally your styling appointment time on top.


To maintain, we advise booking for your next appointment 8-10 weeks after.


Half head highlights


This covers the full crown area, hairline and parting.

You will require 2 hours for this appointment, with additionally your styling appointment time on top.

To maintain, we advise booking another appointment 8-10 weeks after.


T-section highlights


This covers only your parting and hairline, just to help get you through to your next appointment if you are struggling with time or want a low maintenance option.

You will need an hour for this appointment, with additionally your styling appointment time on top.





Looking for the ideal hair tone that compliments and brings out the best in your eye-colour, skin tone and style?

We offer a wide range of permanent and semi-permanent colours for all hair colour types. Whether it’s an all-over colour you desire, a regrowth touchup, or you want to cover greys, we’ve got your back.



From grungy Kurt Cobain blonde to Daenerys Targaryen-style creamy blonde, or a base for bright coloured toners for dramatic and statement looks, our team can make it happen.


We use a gentle bleach to reach your perfect colour. Bleach can be very stripping on the hair, so it’s important to use plenty of conditioning masks and treatments. Don’t forget to add your Olaplex service onto this for extra hair care insurance and beautiful glossy locks.


Have you experienced the site of a darker band through bleached hair? This is normally due to the re-growth not being bleached as often as it should.


At the average speed, hair grows approx. one inch in six to eight weeks and it is very important to head back to the salon to touch up your roots before your hair grows out one full inch.

This is because your roots develop faster than the rest of your hair, due to heat from your head, helping the hair that is less than one inch from the roots to be brighter than the full extended re-growth, creating a band of darker colour. 


As such, this is why we strongly advise having touch-ups every six to eight weeks. This will ensure a more even colour and a shorter time in the salon. 

Fashion Colours

Using fashion colours we can create anything from the edgiest vibrant shades, to unique soft pastel tones. Whether you’re after that silver ash tone, a rose gold, pink or purple hair – our artists love to help you achieve your dream tones. 


Why not experiment a little and create a playful look or striking statement!